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1 cup uncooked quinoa to cooked dinner

How To Cook Perfect Quinoa, Healthy Tip Tuesday

1 cup uncooked quinoa to cooked dinner

I frequently get asked about it by first-time 1 cups uncooked quinoa to cooked dinner, who assume that the dish really is American in origin, even if they themselves are from the USA and have never heard of it.

Here's a basic method to cook 2 cups of dried quinoa, which will end up Use a ratio of cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa for light and fluffy. It's a smart choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert! Cook 1 cup dry quinoa in 2 cups water. One cup dry quinoa makes 3 cups cooked quinoa. How much does 1 cup of dry quinoa make? 1 cup dry quinoa = about 3 cups cooked quinoa. Quinoa increases in volume about 3 times when it's cooked. I go with a ratio of water to quinoa – meaning 4 cups of water with 2 cups of dry quinoa. This yields about 8 cups of cooked quinoa total.

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