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Easy main dishes for work potluck

Easy main dishes for work potluck

Looking for a scene-stealer at the family reunion. From sizzling specialties to refreshing treats, Backyard Barbecues is a lifesaver for surefire summer cooking success. We both remember our mams making rice pudding and leaving it to cook in a low oven for hours. And for something really special, link this luxurious raisin sauce as well.

Cook the rice, stirring very regularly, for 20-25 minutes. By the end of this easy main dishes for work potluck the rice should be plumped up and tender, and the liquid well reduced.

We've got you covered with these crowd-pleasing potluck recipe Bacon lovers will flock to your side when you show up at your next or office potlucks, your friends are sure to ask you to make this recipe again and again. When it's time to share food at the office, it helps to have a roster of tasty, simple potluck ideas ready to go. These 25 recipes ranging from main meals. We've got great easy potluck recipes for sides, main dishes, salads and desserts to serve at the your potluck dinner or picnic.

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