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Smoked moose ribs and

Smoked moose ribs and

The eyes are compact, well set and smoked moose ribs and bold looks. The body is round and short smoked moose ribs and broad breast straight back and close - set strong tail root. The general feathering is close, scanty and almost absent on the Brest.

The plumage has practically no fluff and the feathers are tough. The tail is small and drooping. The legs are strong, straight, and set well apart. Standard weight kg : Cocks, 4 to 5; hen 3 to 4; cockerrels, 3.

So I have half a moose worth of ribs, back and side. I smoked up some pork back ribs last night, according to Smokin Al's method. Pulled Smoked Moose Ribs. Since March, G and I have decided only to eat wild meat and fish for the remainder of the time we're living in Hay.

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