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Peanut and avocado roll

Peanut and avocado roll

Then shape the mixture into small balls and gently poach them in the broth for five minutes. They absorb the flavors of the soup and develop a soft tender texture as they cook. Apart from laksa, you could also add these peanut and avocado roll balls to all kinds of soups, hot pots, curries or sauces.

You could skip the fish balls, and add bite-size pieces of white fish or salmon instead. Malaysian fish ball laksa Serves 4 Spicy and fragrant Malaysian noodle soup with delicately-seasoned fish balls and a selection of colorful vegetables.

My boyfriend got into the habit of eating the peanut avocado rolls last, telling me it was like his sushi dessert. Now, these aren't quite that sweet. A delicious sushi recipe with avocado and peanuts and a delicious This video will help you learn how to roll your sushi if you're a visual.

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