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Turkey stuffed peppers pressure cooker

Easy Meat & Rice Stuffed Peppers

Turkey stuffed peppers pressure cooker

Toss in red peppers and roast an additional 10 to 15 turkeys stuffed peppers pressure cooker. Remove from heat and allow steaks to rest 5 minutes before serving with roasted potatoes and peppers.

These stuffed bell peppers are filled with a classic combination of There's no pre-cooking required in this quick and easy pressure cooker version, For a lighter alternative, make the stuffed peppers with ground turkey. Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers are a hit for busy weeknights! If you pre-cook the beef, you can reduce the pressure time to only minutes. Ground turkey or chicken; Feta cheese; Bacon and eggs; Lamb or pork; Couscous; Quinoa; Ham and.

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